Giving Credit is a social network for lending and borrowing with friends and family.

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Join 362 people pooling $ 59,585 in credit.

How it works

Invite your friends and family

Invite others

Let your friends and family know that you have each other's backs - you can easily borrow from each other with clear lending limits.

See your social credit line

Person giving credit

Always know how much you can borrow from your community in the future, giving you financial peace of mind.

Track loans you give or receive

People lending

Stay on top of due dates and repayments in one convenient place - whether you are lending or borrowing - without the awkward conversations.

Get recognized for investing in your community


Every year in the US, people lend $89B to family and friends. We believe you deserve recognition for this investment - just like any other loans - and we're working hard to make it happen.

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